​​Ranch Hand Analytics, LLC

Brad has a B.S. in Genetics and Animal Science as well as an M.S. in Animal Breeding.  After completion of his degrees, Brad managed a calf raiser program consisting of over 42 producers and 3500 cows contracted to raise embryo transfer calves for customers.  He went on to manage an embryo transfer center and then a large cooperator bull program.  Since 2010, Brad has been involved in sale management, marketing, and herd consulting.

For both registered and commercial operations, statistical analysis of data collected can provide for more accurate management decisions.  As our industry changes to want more and more information, those producers that can supply it will stand to make the most money at sale time.  I have a passion for not only collecting and tracking data, but using data.  Too many times producers collect data points because a breed association, marketing program, or public perception demanded it, but they never actually use the data to make their product and their program better.  That is my real passion, utilizing all available information to help you make management decisions that put your program on the leading edge of the industry today and into the future.

With a unique combination of experience and education, Ranch Hand Analytics is ready to help you take your program to the next level.  Knowledge is in the data.  Better data leads to better decisions which leads to more profit.  Ranch Hand Analytics takes great pride in developing data driven solutions to any problem that might arise.  From organization of current data to creating a custom database to tackle a specific problem, Ranch Hand Analytics can find the best solution for your program.