​​Ranch Hand Analytics, LLC

Genetic Consultation

               Cow herd EPD Analysis
               End Goal Analysis
               Develop strategic breeding plans to reach end goals

Herd Data Management and Analysis
               Enter and track in herd measurements
               Correspond with breed associations
               Analyze contemporary groups to improve EPD calculations

Catalog Data Management
               Custom layout of animal data
               Cut catalog production times in half

Sale Clerking Services
               Pre-load sale items and provided supplemental information
               On-site Sale Orders, Penning Sheets, and Supplements
               Buyer Registration
               Tracking of buyers and prices
               Immediate average reports
               Hauling Reports
               Payment and AR reports
               Owner Reports

Sale Data Management and Analysis
               Tracking buying trends
               Tracking buyers for future events (contact management)

Database Consultation
               Additions and Improvements to existing databases

Database Development
               Custom database design